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Frequently Asked Questions


Yo! This fo real?

See the name of our company. Yo.



You're actually selling real domain names? For real?

Yes. This is a real business selling real domains.

Really really?

See previous 3 answers.

Really, like REALLY really?

You are starting to get really FAQing annoying.


FAQ you

Do you offer tech support?

Fuck No!


Are you kidding me right now?


You'd think one's website might resemble templates less if one was a company with tech support.

In total sincerity, we sell domain names but we are not a web hosting company, in other words, we offer no services other than selling domains.

We're unique in the sense that while GoDaddy and other similar big companies sell anything that is available, we only sell specific domain names that we have already purchased. We are a collector. And we want to make sure our special domain names find the proper home.

This is not the Walmart of domains. 

This is the Fred Segal Jaguar Rollex of double d's.

I'm scared to ask. Double d's?

Domain dealers.

Well Mr. Esteemed Collector, you just dropped the F-Bomb a couple answers back. I don't think an "esteemed collector" let along any serious business would do such a thing!

What can I say, we're rebels. We can both be a high end luxury brand & fight the system. Also, GoDaddy started out literally using tits to sell domain names. Is GoDaddy a serious business?

You're not GoDaddy

No sh*t FAQwad. I think we established that.

GoDaddy is Better

That a question?




Read this.

After that if you're still interested feel free to listen to this.

How can you afford to run a business that sells such a small amount of very weird & obscure domain names?

I'm facking rich.

I see. Are you Eminem?

I wish. He is richer & more clever.

That's what he would say.

I'm not Slim yo.



And just because there are not many domains that we sell and that they are obscure doesn't mean that they are not valuable, rare, or sought after. Wait, no, the opposite of that. Plus the fack that our celebrity owner - I meant the fact -that our celebrity owner even owned them in the first place makes them worth way more than what he or she is currently asking.

Like, if Lady Gaga owned a bunch of toilets then decided to sell all the seats you would be all over that. This is pretty much the same exact thing.

Also we have the right to refuse any offer on any domain so you'd be lucky to even land one of ours.

Toilet Seats? Then tell me- Wait- How-When did you take over asking the facts - I mean FAQs- instead of answering them?


Are you Lady Gaga?

No. I am not Lady Gaga

Are your dogs okay?

No- I mean yes, I think they are fine to the best of my knowledge, idk about the walker though... but no, I'm not Lady Gaga.

Also I'm the one asking the questions now.

You keeping going back and forth between first person and third person. Like either you are the owner or you work for the owner. So... which is it? 

Are you Lady Gaga?

Or do you work for Lady Gaga?


Ok.... Then are you her dog walker?


Hello? You there?


How do I get back to asking the questions?




Anyone there?



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